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Deeply disturbed by the high euthanization rates in some areas of the country, Airborne Rescue Society helps homeless pets by transporting them to rescue groups and adopters, even when those rescues and adopters are located great distances away. In most cases Airborne Rescue will combine "Flights for People" with "Flights for Pet's on flights which would normally have no passengers an the outgoing or incoming flight.

Many southern states experience spay and neuter rates which are extremely low. In those areas there are lots of homeless pets and few adopters, and as a result euthanization rates are heart-breaking. Airborne Rescue transports these pets from these overpopulated areas where they are very unlikely to find homes to rescue groups and adopters that can help them look for homes and to other parts of the country where there are less homeless pets and many more potential adopters.


Since our pilots donate the entire cost of each flight, including their aircraft, we must make absolutely certain their resources are going to those truly in need. Therefore, the following criteria must be met:

All animals must be in good health and must possess a health certificate valid within the proceeding 30 days.

Advance Notice
Normally, at least ten days are needed in advance. In some cases we can accommodate shorter lead-times.

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